What Is XML/RSS?

It is a way of getting fresh news from websites without visiting them.

If you loved this site and found lots of good information about how to reach happiness, you might want to read new content as soon as it is added.

You can either use "My Yahoo" to get informed about the new content in this website or you can use "My MSN" or you need to download and install a reader program called "RSS Reader"

If you want to read it in your MyYahoo page, just click on the Yahoo icon "in our previous page" and when MyYahoo opens, click the "Add" button, if you don't have a Yahoo account, you can create one after adding.

If you want to read it in your MyMSN page you need to have an MSN or Hotmail account. If you do not have a My MSN account, sign up to become a new user at... My MSN

Then log in and find the Add Content button.

Enter the URL of our feed which is http://www.enjoyhappiness.com/enjoyhappiness-news.xml

Complete the subscription by checking the box and then click the OK button.

Once subscribed, check your My MSN home page to make sure that our feed is now subscribed.

If you want to use the Rssreader program, after downloading and installing, go to the orange XML-RSS icon "in our previous page", right-click and copy shortcut/link address. (It is http://www.enjoyhappiness.com/enjoyhappiness-news.xml)

Open your RSSReader and click on the "+ Add" icon in the top left hand corner.

A form opens up and asks the URL of the feed. Paste the URL there.

Very well done - you'll have our RSS feed. You can add other feeds too, just follow the same steps for other sites that you like.




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