Conditions In Life

To reach happiness, we should answer these questions first:
What is my condition in life? And how can I improve it?

I think these are the most important questions one can ask oneself. If a person is able to ask these questions himself sincerely, and try to improve his condition -whatever it may be- with common sense, he can live a very happy life.

This is true not only for life but also for any business, relationship or any activity.

But sometimes life, or business or relationships are not so easy to understand and one can easily go out of the "common sense" way.

I am happy to tell you that L. Ron Hubbard researched and discovered the exact step by step conditions of existence in life from bottom to top.

These are not only for people but also for any company, business, organisation, country and even for civilizations.

As he put them from highest to lowest:

Power Change
Normal Operation

He also observed and researched the formulas for each of these conditions.

WOW! Step-by-step formulas to do in each condition which will result in moving up.

While The Way To Happiness gives us the guidelines for a happy living, "Conditions Formulas" are the guidelines for success.

For more information about the formulas, please go to Condition Formulas

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