While creating this website, we found many sites that helped us on quite a lot of subjects.

Here is the list of these resources:

For Reaching Happiness

Enjoy Happiness
Well, there is only one site giving ALL the data you will ever need to reach happiness and be happy. Yes, there are many others out there giving this and that and pieces but this is the one giving ALL the aspects of living a happy life for EVERYONE.

For Searching the Internet

Search It!
Search It! is a wonderful search tool and perhaps the only one that you will ever need. First you choose a search category and a search type. And then write one or two search term and it gives you great results.
Just follow the instructions and you will be OK.

For Creating a Website is hosted by "SiteBuildIt".

I have other sites that hosted by other companies too,
but let me tell you this:
"Nothing compares to SiteBuildIt".

With other hosting companies, most of my time is spent on trying to find out what is wrong and/or searching on how to do something.

Plus they don't even submit my pages to the search engines.

Also, they don't even automatically create the things called "meta-something" which are NECESSARY for Search Engines.

And Search Engines means your breath, your life blood.

And after you spend your valuable time with their frustrating technical details, you would have little energy to write your content for your website which should have been the main thing.

I am so happy that for I chose SiteBuildIt.

I only concentrate on the content of my site and the rest is done by SiteBuildIt.

I highly reccommend this kind of hosting not only for beginners like me but also anyone who are fed up with all the other kind of hosting services.

Website Hosting With "SiteBuildIt" And Its Comparison With Others

Advice On Search Engines And How To Improve Your Position In Them

"Make Your Links WORK!." This is a great e-book on how to do linking successfully and you can download and read it free. You can also sign up for the "Value Exchange" program which will register your site and search for other sites that have similar themes or content.

Directories That EnjoyHappiness is Listed Enjoy Happiness is listed in there. - You can browse Keyword Map of the internet and Enjoy Happiness is listed there.

Orangefish -Directory This is a directory specially for UK and EnjoyHappiness is listed in there.

Directory Dude Directory Enjoy Happiness is listed in there.

Search Sight Directory Enjoy Happiness is listed in there.

Any Search Info Search Engine & Directory Enjoy Happiness is listed in there too.

Ezilon - Europe Search Engine and Directory Enjoy Happiness is listed in there.

4hitz Directory Enjoy Happiness is listed in there. This is a great resource directory for webmasters.

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