Happiness In A Marriage!

"Is It Real Or Is It A Dream
To Live
Happily Ever After
In A Marriage?"

"Yes, it is POSSIBLE to reach happiness and to live happily ever after as long as you know HOW!!"

If you are like me and many of my friends, you might feel frustrated to see how the marriages around you -maybe including your own too- suffer and finish sooner or later.

You might even think that it is impossible to be happy and also maintain this relationship for a long time.

Yes, we have seen so many bad ones full of cheating, disrespect, laziness, jelousy, fighting, blaming, criticizing and getting even.

We have also seen the "civilized" ones with the "We'd better break it up".

But just remember the time that both of you decided that you wanted to get married. Remember the time you decided that you wanted to be together in life and you wanted to be happy together.

"What happens if you know and understand what happened between that time and now?"

Well, you can remedy them and repair a marriage no matter how badly it is damaged.

And we are here to give you a hand. The simple, practical and easy-to-understand booklet "The Way To Happiness" ® has helped many people.

And it will do the same for you.

This booklet contains everything you will ever need to know in order to live a happy life. It contains simple, practical and easy-to-understand 21 common sense rules for a happy living.

ALL you need to do is:
--READ it,
--and DO it.

But a happy marriage consists of TWO people.

So, BOTH of you need to READ it, UNDERSTAND it and DO it.

Yes, YOU, too can reach the happiness you always dreamed about. Learn how to reach happiness in your marriage! Get Your E-book Now!

What is marriage?

Marriage is the foundation of the family unit. And the family unit is the foundation of the society.

We all need other people to survive.

Everything we want in life requires the support or cooperation of another individual. We depend on other people.

When two people decide to get married, they decide that they will:

--live and face the world together
--survive together.
--and most decide to create a family together

First thing we need to know is that you need to continue creating these decisions. And if you stop creating it, the relationship will not continue. It does not run on automatic.

Second thing we need to know is that communication is the root of marital success.Poor communication ruins marriages. So talk, talk, talk about the problems until they are solved. Reach happiness in your marriage! Get Your E-book Now!

Third thing is about what you do when your spouse does something wrong?

Some people like to blame. Some criticize. Some try to get even. These are all wrong and do not work.

Here is an example of what to do:

"If Mary burns the toast, John accepts responsibility for this action. This does not mean that he assumes all the responsibility and leaves none for Mary. It means that he assumes all the responsibility and that Mary assumes all the responsibility, too. They both assume all the responsibility. Under such an arrangement, no one can be blamed. All their attention goes into doing better with the toast, and none of it is wasted in blame.

"Mary runs the family automobile into the neighbor’s gate. The neighbor rushes over in a huff and encounters John in the front yard. The neighbor says, `You just ruined my gate!’ John goes with the neighbor to look at the gate and at the car. Sure enough, there is blue paint on the gate and white paint on the car. The evidence is conclusive. John agrees with the neighbor that the gate has been damaged by John’s car and he asks the neighbor to have it repaired and send him the bill. The neighbor says that the damage is not very great and so he will repair it himself. John lends him the tools and helps him to repair the gate. John insists on buying a can of white paint, and the neighbor says he will enjoy painting the gate on Sunday. He apologizes for being so excited at first. They shake hands.

"John goes into the house, and Mary says, `Dear, I hit the Jones’s gate with the car.’ John says, `Yes, I know. We’ve already repaired it." Mary says, `I’m sorry. I was thinking about the bathroom curtains.’ John says, `That’s all right. What about the bathroom curtains?’ Mary says, I want to dye them blue.’ John says, `That’s a good idea.’

"If nobody is to blame for the damage to the gate, a constructive subject like dyeing the curtains will immediately attract John’s and Mary’s attention, since it represents future action."

This is a teamwork and this is the way to happiness and a happy marriage.

It is possible to live happily ever after. Get Your E-book Now!

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