"Do You
Want To Know
What Happy People

"What Happy People Know Is Simple And Doable!"

"And Now, You, Too, Can Learn Everything You Need To Know To Create A Happy And Successful Life."

"We, Too, Can Win"

If you are like me and many of my friends, sometimes you might feel that there is something that you don't know and understand about life. And if only you could know it and understand it, everything would be different.

One thing is for sure:Yes, this feeling is RIGHT and it is possible to know and understand about LIFE.


I created this website so that many other people like me and you, can find out about the answer.

"There are 21 rules that happy people know."

They are happy to the degree that they live their lives in harmony with these 21 rules.

And they are unhappy to the degree that they live their lives NOT in harmony with these 21 rules.

ALL these 21 rules are in the booklet "The Way To Happiness" ®.

ALL you need to do is:

READ it,


and DO it.


I have not yet managed to live my life totally in harmony with ALL the 21 rules but I am on the way and even this made everything SO different than before.

If you consider that life is a game, these are the only rules you will ever need to know in order to win and be successful in this game.

And, winning in life is so much fun!!

Find out more about "The Way To Happiness"® at enjoyhappiness.com home page.

Get your e-booklet now. And find out about what happy people know.

Soon You Can Start Creating The Life You Always Dreamed About.

Here are some of what happy people know from "The Way To Happiness" ® booklet :

Happiness lies in engaging in worthwhile activities. But there is only one person who for certain can tell what will make one happy-oneself.

One can feel that things are such now that it is much too late to do anything, that one's past road is so messed up that there is no chance of drawing a future road that will be any different: there is always a point on the road when one can map a new one. And try to follow it. There is no person alive who cannot make a new beginning.
Page 63, "The Way To Happiness" booklet.

Love And Help Children: "Bringing a child into the world today is a little bit like dropping one into a tiger's cage. Children can't handle their environment and they have no real resources. They need love and help to make it."
Page 9, "The Way To Happiness" booklet.

Seek To Live With The Truth: "False data can cause one to make stupid mistakes. It can even block one from absorbing true data.One can solve the problems of existence only when he has true data.Many want you to believe things just to suit their own ends.What is true is what is true for you.No one has any right to force data on you and command you to believe it or else. If it is not true for you, it isn't true."
Page 15, "The Way To Happiness" booklet.

Be Competent: "The test of true competence is the end result. To the degree that a man is competent, he survives. To the degree he is incompetent, he perishes.Encourage the attainment of competence in any worthwhile pursuit. Compliment it and reward it whenever you find it.The ingredients of competence include observation, study and practice."
Page 39-40, "The Way To Happiness" booklet.

Learn: "The main process of learning consists of inspecting the available data, selecting the true from the false, the important from the unimportant and arriving thereby at conclusions one makes and can apply. If one does this, one is well on the way to being competent."
Page 43, "The Way To Happiness" booklet.

Get your e-booklet now. And find out more about what happy people know. You will learn about ALL of the 21 rules.

And Start Creating The Life You Always Dreamed Of.

These rules are what happy people know. And everything you need to know in order to win and be successful in life.

Always remember:
Can Understand Unhappiness
Learn How To Be Happy
And Win In Life."
And That Includes YOU!

Join the happy people by knowing and doing what happy people know and do.

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