Can Discover Happiness
And Be Happy!

"You too, can understand happiness, learn how to be happy,
and win in life."

"You too, can create the life you always dreamed about"

Worried about time passing so quickly and every second taking your dreams away from you? Think that you might never reach your dreams?

Stop and ask yourself this...

"What happens if I can understand the reasons for my failures in life and know how to remedy them?"

Well, they would vanish, that's what happens.

"The Reasons For Unhappiness"

Everyone has their own ideal life and goals in their minds about:

living conditions,
and world.

Everything we do everyday and every moment is done in order to reach this ideal life we dreamed of.

  • Now, think about the times you reached your goals about some of your dreams in the past.
  • The time you got your first job, graduated from a course or school or started a business or maybe your wedding day.

    Do you remember how happy you were?

  • Now, think about the times you were progressing towards these goals.
  • Do you remember how happy you were?

    We are happy,
  • when we are making progress towards our goals,
  • and when we reach these goals.
  • We are unhappy,
  • when we don't see any progress towards our goals,
  • or when we don't have any goals (just after we reach our goal, if we don't have a new one it is the same as this.)
  • or when our goal is not a desirable goal,
  • or on the way to our goals if we don't follow one or more of the 21 rules that need to be followed.
  • And this site is dedicated to a booklet named "The Way To Happiness" ® and this booklet explains these 21 rules in detail.

    But before coming to this booklet and 21 rules;

    Here is what to do right now:

  • Get a piece of paper and pen.

  • Write down all the goals you have not reached yet.

  • Choose the goals that would make you really really happy.

  • Add new desirable goals. What do you really really want to HAVE-DO-BE in life?

  • Make sure that these goals are not in conflict with each other. For example, if a lady has a goal about having a baby and another goal about improving her career this might be a problem.

  • Take out the ones you are NOT really interested.

  • And now all you need to do is to make progress towards these goals. No matter how small or how big as long as you make progress you will be happy. More progress means more happiness.

    On the way to our goals, there are rules that we all need to follow.

    These 21 rules are ALL the reasons that cause unhappiness for ANY person. They include all the aspects of living a happy life.

    No matter what the ideal life and goals people have in their minds, these 21 rules apply to everyone. They do apply to you and your loved ones too.

    These rules are not invented now. They are as old as humans and since we are 2 years old, we heard it from our parents, teachers, neighbors, relatives.

    But where did we go wrong?

    Why did we look down on some of these rules?

    When we saw people who don't care about these rules, why did we agree with them?

    Why didn't we hold on to these rules which we knew by heart?

    These rules which we already know and look down on, because they seem too simple or not important, are the most important things in life. And of course the degree we follow these rules is also very important.

    And all of these 21 rules are important, we say good-bye to happiness even if we don't care one or two of them.

    Real happiness comes when ALL these 21 rules are followed.

    And as long as this is not understood by the individual, happiness runs away and the person chases it.

    It was the best gift I had ever received.

    Here are the lessons from "The Way To Happiness" ® booklet:

    1- Take care of yourself.
    -Get care when you are ill.
    -Keep your body clean.
    -Preserve your teeth.
    -Eat properly.
    -Get rest.

    2- Be temperate. (not overdoing things)
    -Do not take harmful drugs.
    -Do not take alcohol to excess.

    3- Don't be promiscuous. (having casual, random relationships)

    4- Love and help children.

    5- Honor and help your parents.

    6- Set a good example.

    7- Seek to live with the truth.
    -Do not tell harmful lies.
    -Do not bear false witness.

    8- Do not murder.

    9- Don't do anything illegal.

    10- Support a government designed and run for all the people.

    11- Do not harm a person of goodwill.

    12- Safeguard and improve your environment.
    - Be of good appearance.
    - Take care of your own area.
    - Help take care of the planet.

    13- Do not steal.

    14- Be worthy of trust.
    - Keep your word once given.

    15- Fulfill your obligations.

    16- Be industrious.

    17- Be competent.
    - Look.
    - Learn.
    - Practice.

    18- Respect the religious beliefs of others.

    19- Try not to do things to others that you would not like them to do to you.

    20- Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you.

    21- Flourish and prosper.

    In the booklet, you will find more detailed information about these 21 rules and you will understand better why they are important.

    The Way To Happiness


    Here is how to start living your ideal life with the help of our booklet:
    1. Read the booklet from start to finish. Remember, these are things to do and not to do in order to live a happy life.

    2. Go through the booklet again, and this time circle or make a list of the points that you should work on.

    3. Write a plan of what you will do on those points during the next week. Make sure your plan is realistic. List out what you can actually do during the next week.

    4. Do your best to follow your plan during the week. Each time you make an improvement in the way you live your life you will feel happier.

    5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 each week until you are using all 21 chapters of the booklet on a regular basis. In some cases, this may take time. However, the end result will be a higher opinion of yourself, greater effectiveness and success in life and happiness.

    6. Stabilize your new levels of happiness by helping those around you to be happier.

    By following these steps, you will feel happier and more stable which leads to greater success for you and those you care for.

    With the successful life you have, you will be the person other people turn to for advice and help. Not the other way round.

    And when people come to you for your advice and help, you will be able to help them no matter how bad their conditions are because these rules apply to them too.

    "Enjoy happiness"

    Yes, it is possible to enjoy happiness.

    By following these rules and advice, you will be "a living example of SUCCESS" among your family members and friends.

    When they come to you for advice and for help, you will enjoy sharing your knowledge and experiences with the people you love.

    Our booklet contains valuble information about:

    Oneself: This will make you understand what you have been doing wrong on yourself. With this understanding you can remedy it and start your journey to success.

    Happy relationship and a happy family: You will learn about how to create one. Then you can start creating the family you always dreamed of. Of course your family will appreciate you more and the family bond will grow stronger.

    Happy children: You will learn the 5 necessary things you should do for creating happy children.

    Happy parents: You will learn how to create them.

    Stealing: You will learn and understand about why people steal.

    Happy friends: You will learn how to be the best friend ever not only for your friends but also for yourself. Your friends will appreciate you more.

    Drugs and Alcohol: You will learn the truth about drugs and alcohol.

    Debts: You will learn and understand about debts and how to handle them and how not to put yourself in the same situation again.

    Study: You will learn about how to study and how to reach the goals of your life.

    Work: You will learn about work and how to be happy at work.

    Happy people: You will understand why they are happy and why unhappy people are unhappy.

    Remember, If you can know about a problem and understand it, then you can do something about it and win.

    You will start enjoying life because winning in life is so much fun.

    "Available in 80+ languages"

    This simple but powerful booklet is available in 80+ languages. So you can read it in your native language.

    Here is what some other readers have had to say...

    "You've changed my life with your booklet. Thank you."

    "After reading the booklet I felt that the book and I communicate. It is guiding me to the right way. I feel also that I am the one who is walking the road."

    "I think your book is a very valuable book because it applies to all ages and is easy to understand. It can be given to a friend, co-worker or at school"

    Free membership for our weekly EnjoyHappiness e-zine: You will learn about the success stories from people who read and applied the 21 rules and advice. Examples of real life situations will make you better understand. And of course you too can share your examples with others through this e-zine.

    "Start without financial sacrifices"

    Its "affordable-for-anyone price" means that you can start your new life in minutes without making any financial sacrifices which would make you more unhappy.

    The Way To Happiness


    "Start winning in life"

    Many many times I thought that I was the most miserable person in the world.

    Well, actually I was.

    You know, nobody could be as unhappy as me. But I didn't know what I know now.

    So let me assure you with the experience I have:

    Following the rules and advice this booklet contains, will make you achieve everything you want.

    At last, you will start winning in life. And winning in life is so much fun.

    Actually it might bring you the success and joy you cannot even imagine just as it did to me and many others.

    And let me wish you "the success" soo big that even I cannot imagine.

    Always remember:

    "EVERYONE Can Understand Unhappiness,
    Learn How To Be Happy
    And Win In Life."
    And That Includes US!

    This site is made for those who really wish happiness for self, family, friends, country and all people.

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    "Start Creating The Happy Life You Always Dreamed Of, TODAY!"
    "Start creating the life you always dreamed of, TODAY!" Get your e-booklet and you will be on your way to happiness!

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